Character Qualities according to God

God gives us specific guidelines on how to live our life. This includes also a clear picture of which character qualities we have to develop (or to build in our children). In the table below you see which qualities God wants us to develop, supported by scripture.

1AttentivenessUnconcernShowing the worth of a person by giving sincere attention to his wordsHeb 2:1
2ObedienceWillfulnessFreedom to be creative under the protection of divinely appointed authority.2 Cor 10:5
3ContentmentCovetousnessRealizing God has provided everything I need for my present happiness.1 Tim6:8
4OrderlinessDisorganizationPreparing myself and my surroundings so that I will achieve the greatest  efficiency.1 Cor 14:40
5ReverenceDisrespectAwareness of how God is working through the people and events in my life to produce the character of Christ in me.Prov 23:17,18
6ForgivenessRejectionHealing others by using their offenses as a means of expressing to them Christ’s love.Eph 4:32
7GratefulnessUnthankfulnessMaking known to God and others in what ways they have benefited my life.1 Cor 4:7
8FaithPresumptionVisualizing what God intends to do in a given situation and acting in harmony with it.Heb 11:1
9TruthfulnessDeceptionEarning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.Eph 4:25
10SecurityAnxietyStructuring my life around what is eternal and cannot be destroyed or taken away.John 6:27
11MeeknessAngerYielding my personal rights and expectations to GodPs 62:5
12CautiousnessRashnessKnowing how important right timing is in accomplishing right actionsProv 19:2
13PatienceRestlessnessAccepting a difficult situation from God without giving Him a deadline to remove itRom 5:3,4
14DeterminationFaint-heartednessPurposing to accomplish God’s goal in God’s time regardless of the opposition.2 Tim 4:7,8
15DependabilityInconsistencyFulfilling what I consented to do even if it means unexpected sacrifice.Ps 15:4
16PunctualityTardinessShowing high esteem for other people and their timeEcc 3:1
17DiscernmentJudgementSeeing through a surface problem to root causes.1 Sam 16:7
18LoyaltyUnfaithfulnessUsing adversity to confirm my commitment to those whom God has called me to serve.John 15:13
19CompassionIndifferenceInvesting whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others.1 John 3:17
20AlertnessUnawarenessAbility to anticipate right responses to that which is taking place around me.Mark 14:38
21ThriftinessExtravaganceNot letting myself or others spend that which is not necessary.Luke16:11.
22ResponsibilityUnreliabilityKnowing and doing what both God and others are expecting from me.Rom 14:12
23VirtueImpurityThe moral excellence and purity of spirit that radiate from my life as I obey God’s Word.2 Pet 1:5
24TolerancePrejudiceAcceptance of others as unique expressions of specific character qualities in varying degrees of maturity.Phil 2:2
25FairnessPartialityLooking at a decision from the viewpoint of each person involved.Luke 6:31
26JoyfulnessSelf-pityThe exultation of my inward being that results from genuineProv 15:13
27WisdomNatural inclinationsSeeing and responding to life situations from God’s frame of reference.Prov 9:10
28Self-controlSelf-indulgenceInstant obedience to the initial prompting of God’s SpiritGal 5:24,25
29DiscretionSimple-mindednessThe ability to avoid words, actions, and attitudes which are not honoring to God.Prov 22:3
30DiligenceSlothfulnessVisualizing each task as a special assignment from the Lord and using all my energies to accomplish it.Col 3:23
31EnduranceGiving upThe inward strength to withstand stress to accomplish God s bestGal 6:9
32DeferenceRudenessLimiting my freedom in order not to offend the tastes of those God has called me to serveRom 14:21
33SincerityHypocrisyEagerness to do what is right with transparent motives1 Pet 1:22
34GenerosityStinginessRealizing that all I have belongs to God and using it for His purposes2 Cor 9:6
35HumilityPrideRecognizing that God and others are actually responsible for the achievements in my lifeJam 4:6
36EnthusiasmApathyExpressing with my spirit the joy of my soul1 Thes 5:16,19
37InitiativeUnresponsivenessRecognizing and doing what needs to be done before 1 am asked to do it.Rom 12:21
38LoveSelfishnessGiving to others basic needs without having as my motive personal reward.1 Cor 13:3
39CreativityUnder-achievementApproaching a need, a task, an idea from a new perspective.Rom 12:2
40DecisivenessDouble-mindednessThe ability to finalize difficult decisions based on the will and ways of God.Jam 1:5
41SensitivityCallousnessExercising my senses so that one can perceive the true spirit and emotions of those around me.Rom 12:15
42ThoroughnessIncompletenessKnowing what factors will diminish the effectiveness of my work or words if neglected.Prov 18:15
43ResourcefulnessWastefulnessWise use of that which others would normally overlook or discard.Luke 16:10
44FlexibilityresistanceNot setting my affections on ideas or plans that may be changed by others.Col 3:2
45AvailabilitySelf-centerednessMaking my own schedule and priorities secondary to the wishes of those I am serving.Php 2:20,21
46HospitalityLonelinessCheerfully sharing food, shelter, and spiritual refreshment with those God brings into my life.Heb 13:2
47GentlenessHarshnessExpressing personal care appropriate to another’s emotional need.1 Thes 2:7
48BoldnessFearfulnessConfidence that what I have to say or do will result in lasting benefitActs 4:29
49PersuasivenessContentiousnessGuiding vital truths around another’s mental roadblocks.2 Tim 2:24

I. FOUNDATION STAGE – Ages: Birth to 6 years old – FOCUS: DISCIPLINE: 1 – 12

II. TRAINING STAGE – Ages: 6 to 12 years old – FOCUS: TEACHING TRUTH: 13-26

III. SKILL STAGE – Ages: 12 to 20 years old – FOCUS: SELF-CONTROL: 27-41

IV. APPRENTICESHIP STAGE – Ages: 20 to 30 years old – FOCUS: SERVING: 42 – 49