About Ingrid Bijl

Personal background

My name is Ingrid Bijl. I was born and raised in The Netherlands and now living in Spain. I am mother of 2 daughters and grandmother of three boys. After being divorced twice (before my conversion) I now live a celibate life.

Professional Background

For over 20 years I have been supporting individuals, teams and organizations as a coach, counselor and consultant. Communication, personal growth and organizational development have always been my main professional focal points.

I started working as Freelance Trainer in 1998 and received education as Project Manager in 2003. In 2007 I was certified as Academic Intercultural Coach & Counselor. In 2008 I became Genuine Contact Professional and later I received a certification in Kirkpatrick Evaluation (2013) and Organizational Behavior Management (2014).

I have been working in profit and non-profit organizations in (amongst others) health, education and government. I worked in an international environment for years and I’m fluent in Dutch and English.

2019 ….. A new Page ……

A big portion of my professional practice as a coach, counselor and consultant was based on a secular, humanistic, esoteric or New Age approach. After I became a born again Christian I realized I had to change my practice.

I understood that God wanted me to use my life experiences for His glory. I still do counseling, but now based on His Word. I’m a Certified Biblical Counselor with ABC.

If you want to read more about how God changed my life, I invite you to read my testimony: Walking with God.

New Page Ministries

In my articles and presentations I share my experiences in a world and a life without God. I share with Christians what New Age thinking is, how to prevent false teachings to enter in your life and your church and how to minister to spiritual seekers and New Agers.

Most of all, in both my articles and presentations I share my overwhelming joy of finding the Truth in His Word, which changed EVERY part of my life!

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