Why an Individual Retreat?

Maybe life is just overwhelming for you.
With days that are filled with busy schedules and taking care of others.
You want to have some time off to charge your batteries and you prefer to do that in a personal and inspiring way. A way that is not only relaxing for your body but also fulfilling for your soul.

Maybe you have gone through difficulties and hardships:
loss, disappointment, church-hurt or sickness can throw you off-balance.
You feel the need to recuperate, to grieve or to be encouraged. You want to find find consolance and strength in God to be able to move foreward according to His plan.

Maybe you recently became a born-again Christian:
having a lot of questions about Christian faith and Christian living. Maybe you came out of New Age or modern spirituality. You may be looking for likeminded people and support to make the first important steps in your Christian life.

Or maybe you know you HAVE to spend time with God NOW:
Sometimes it’s that simple and you just know that it is important to free up your schedule. So that you have time to connect again with Him, to grow closer to Him, to pray and to read in His Word.

A few practical notes:

  • We will always have an introductory conversation to see if this retreat is the right thing for you right now.
  • Retreats can be done both in Dutch or in English
  • The length of your retreat is depending on your need and our availability.
  • For all other practicalities: please contact us.

What does an Individual Retreat look like?

An individual retreat is especially for women who need time off for relaxation, restoration, encouragement or who want to grow in their faith.

Your retreat is customized to your needs, but has some key-ingredients:

  • Relaxation
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer time
  • Silent time
  • Biblical Counseling

Why a retreat with us?

Since 2016 Ingrid (Bo) van den Boogaard and Ingrid Bijl have organized high-end Individual Business Retreats for CEO’s, managers and entrepreneurs in Spain, which were very successful. In 2018 we both came to Christ, which had big impact on our lives and work. We saw the need for Christian, individual retreats and decided to use our professional and life experience to serve God and His Church, by facilitating Christian Retreats in Spain.

Why a retreat in Spain?

We offer the retreats in the area of Alicante, which is well-known for it’s great weather (all year long) and for the Spanish way of life (stress-free, great food and nice local culture).

An international airport and railway station is at a 35 minutes drive, which makes it easy to fly in from Europe and the USA. The tickets to Spain are most of the year very affordable.

Are you interested to come to Spain for an Individual Retreat in 2023?

Do you want to be updated on our retreats when they’ll start again in 2023? Please fill out the form and we will keep you updated!